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Getting Started

Thank you for becoming a member of a team that is making money from Affset.

There are few quick things you need to do now to get started in promoting this affiliate marketing course, I will list them below.

Build your Clickbank Affiliate link

If you haven't signed up already for Clickbank to become an affiliate for Affset please sign up here

Now replace the "AFFILIATE" in the below link with the account username you created at Clickbank when you signed up above.

To double check if you built your affiliate link correctly, follow the below steps.

For the sake of example say my affiliate account name is "mnymkr2" (use your own), first thing to do is to build my affiliate link with the above example.

So mine now will be (see how I replaced "AFFILIATE" with my Clickbank affiliate username)

Now paste this affiliate link in the browser and navigate, which will take you to the Affset sales copy.

Now click on the buy button on the Affset sales copy as if you are customer who clicked on your affiliate link and wants to buy.

This will take you to Affset's order form; now scroll at the very bottom of this order form:

If you see your Clickbank's affiliate username there then your affiliate link is setup correctly and ready to be used.

And if you need any help please contact me at

Send your Name & your Website URL

I am going to need your First/Last name and your website so that I can send you the PDF reports rebranded and you can send those reports to your subscribers as your own.

Send this data to me at from the same email you subscribed with.

I will talk more about those reports in the Pre-sale Bonus section.