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Email Swipes

Here i will provide you with email swipes that include email body and email subject.

You can send them to your list to get high sales conversion from your subscribers, or you can use them for inspiration to write your own newsletter for Affset.

You need to write a great newsletter so that you can pitch Affset to affiliates who need affiliate marketing course

You need to replace [AFFILIATE] with your own affiliate link in each email swipe below so your list subscribers can click on it and you get the Affset commission.
And replace [FirstName] with your subscriber name
And replace [Your Name] with your name

Email Swipe #1

Subject: Affiliate Marketing is Really Easy

Email Swipe #2

Subject: Making Money Doen't Have to be a Nightmare

Email Swipe #3

Subject: Money Making Abilities!

Email Swipe #4

Subject: Get This 50% Worthwhile Coupoun before it's too Late

Email Swipe #5

Subject: Learn How to Make True Money

Email Swipe #6

Subject: Making Money Easily after Tough Times

Email Swipe #7

Subject: Affiliate Essentials for Real Money Making