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Post-Sale Bonuses

A smart technique top affiliates use to seduce people to buy from their affiliate link instead of directly from the product owner, is to tell them for example when you buy from me I will give you bonus gifts.

To use this technique when selling Affset, I prepared few things you can tell your list subscribers or blog visitors that they will get if they buy Affset using your affiliate link.

And after they buy Affset using your affiliate link, you can send them any of the following as their gift (you will handle the delivery of the gifts).

This way you can make this great affiliate marketing course even better

Gift #1 Wordpress Themes

Since Affset is a course about affiliate marketing, it makes sense that each affiliate must own a blog so he can write reviews and content...etc

For this, we will give you a set of 41 Wordpress themes you can give to anyone who buys from your affiliate link. So you can for example send out an email to your list subscribers and tell them if they buy Affset from you they will get 41 amazing Wordpress themes.

This will give them yet another reason to buy from your affiliate link.

Download 41 Wordpress Themes

Don't forget that those gifts should be given to only those who already bought Affset from you (that's why they are the Post-Sales bonuses)

And remember that you need to handle the delivery of those bonuses yourself.