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PPC Campaigns

One of the best and fastest ways to generate sales to affiliate products is the use of Pay-Per-Click campaigns such as Google's Adwords.

PPC campaigns are pretty cheap; you can put an advertisement at few cents or couple of dollars per click. So you pay only when the person clicks your ad.

Running PPC campaign for Affset is pretty effective especially if you don't own a big list of subscribers to pitch Affset to.

You can spend $50 on a PPC campaign and see how well you are going to get your ROI/profit back then proceed with the campaign from that point.

And since you can get at least a $40 per sale profit from Affset the profits can be very high.

I compiled a list of keywords you can use for advertising Affset using Google’s Adword program:

Keyword Cost Per Click Advertising Competition Monthly Searches
how to make money online $2.06 High 110,000
money making online $2.15 High 1,300
how to make money with affiliate marketing $3.09 Medium 390
affiliate marketing software $6.49 High 590
online affiliate marketing $3.26 High 590
how does affiliate marketing work $2.27 Low 390
affiliate marketing training $3.25 High 880
affiliate marketing tips $3.31 Medium 720
affiliate marketing course $5.72 High 260
make money at home online $2.05 Medium 720
make money affiliate marketing $1.62 High 210
how to make affiliate website $1.12 Medium 70

The price you see is how much it will cost you when someone clicks on your ad, so if it will cost you $2.15 per click, and if it took 10 clicks to land your first sale, that will be $21.5 costs ($2.15x10) and $18.5 profits ($40 your commission - $21.5 costs) for just 1 sale.

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