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Pre-Sale Bonuses

It is a good idea to send your list subscribers free stuff that are related to Affset before pitching Affset to them, this way you prepare them to when you send the actual promotional email to sell them this affiliate marketing course.

I have prepared few things you can send to your subscribers.

Rebranded PDF Reports

Affiliate Marketing First Dollar Report

This is a 6 page PDF report about affiliate marketing and how to get started in it. It makes for a good Affset pre-selling, this way your subscribers will be in the midset and excitement of affiliate marketing which can be an incentive for them to buy Affset.

It can be sent to people who want to make money online, this way you get to introduce them to making money with affiliate marketing.

Key Factors to Affiliate Marketing Success

Another 6 page PDF report but for more experienced and mid-level affiliates, which talks about advanced things in affiliate marketing.

Try to pick the report that matches your audience.

To download those reports please send me your First Name & Last name along with your website at from the same email you subscribed with. So I can rebrand the reports and send them both to you.

Other Ideas

You can also create your own pre-selling reports, guides, videos...etc that you can send to your subscribers, website visitors..etc before pitching to them Affset

Here is a list of few ideas you can start working on or get inspired from.

  1. 30 min affiliate training via Skype
  2. Video to introduce Affset
  3. Video for "start a business technique" using Affset
  4. List of affiliate networks