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Traffic Tools

To help you generate traffic to your website/blog and build your list so that you can sell Affset to them, I created a traffic tool that you can use.

Traffic Chase software will help you find forum threads, Q&A posts and basically any place people talk about make money online or affiliate marketing (you can use any keyword).

And then you start answering those people, but don't pitch to them Affset with your affiliate link in those forums and Q&A sites since it is against their terms of use.

Instead you should promote your website/blog to get them to read your posts or subscribe to your list. And from your website/blog you should promote and pitch Affset with your Affiliate link.

Your target audience should be newbie affiliates since they going to need this training we offer in this affiliate marketing course

Traffic Chase is an exclusive tool to our affiliates and not available on the market.

It is pretty simple to use, download it here

To unlock Traffic Chase, please use the email you subscribed with as your license key.