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Affset is a full package affiliate marketing course & tools for newbie affiliates.

It allows affiliates to

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  • create stunning web designs for free
  • create content
  • generate traffic
  • and much more!

It's a package of essential course and tools aimed for newbies who want to make money.

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Here are 5 reasons why you should join Affset affiliate program:

  • You'll get all the necessities to promote the product
  • Get marketing help intended to improve your marketing performance
  • live marketing support
  • high commissions (75% each)
  • we will keep guiding you make sales

You need to bring traffic to your website if you want to sell your affiliate products inventory.

Without enough traffic, there are no sales AND no commissions.

I'm going to show you ways to generate traffic to your blog or website in order to show them how they can apply it.

You'll get...

Ezine marketing resources and help (swaps, ezine directories)




PPC keywords...

Marketing help is designed to help you...

  • increase traffic to your blog or website (free tools and tips)
  • stand out from other affiliates (marketing tips)
  • plus more marketing ideas and help over time

You need...

  • free marketing tools that aid you to promote (FREE)
  • lots of easy to learn and implement traffic techniques
  • Providing you with information about the niche to create your customized promos to stand out from competition...

The final result we'll help you sell more to affiliates...


You'll get complete help until you start selling and making money...

We take into account your lack of much experience, and we'll show you the way until you achieve success...

This doesn't also mean that we'll leave you to do everything from scratch. You'll absolutely have your share of swipes and banners you need to start as fast as possible...


You'll get a lot of promotional materials that deal with daily affiliates problems to boost the conversion.

We have in depth analysis of the niche, and know how to motivate them to buy.

You'll benefit from this marketing support so that you can easily sell more copies and make more money.

Extras: You Won't Just Make Money, but You'll Strengthen Your Overall Internet Marketing Skills As Well...

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Once You Join Our Member Area, You'll Get...

  • Future Support
  • Effective marketing tips
  • Marketing tools
  • Offer discount
  • Private-label-report to your customers
  • Tips to show you how to stand out from competition
  • Special Help to Boost Conversion Rate
  • Converting Keywords for your PPC campaigns
  • Exclusive Traffic Software
  • Bonus for your customers (WP themes + Other Bonus Ideas)

Get Face-to-Face With Your Skype

After you join our program, you'll get in contact with us to ask about anything you want. Any help you need. Any advice you seek.

P.S. Remember that Your Ultimate Goal is to Make Sales, so This Requires Serious Work from Your Side and Optimal Support from Us.

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